Bags and accessories made out of intertwined stripes of coffee bags.

Bags for the evening made out of intertwined stripes of coffee bags.

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BIG BOSS STYLE  Via Giuseppe Garibaldi 6, Cesano Maderno (MB)

SARTORIA SECONDA PELLE di Christian Minollo  Via Mezzaterra 5/c, Feltre (BL)

NEREIDE   Via Condotti 1, Arquà Polesine (RO)

GENERATIONS ECO - VINTAGE BAZAR Via Bancalari,18 Chiavari (GE)



Working with recycled materials, Re-find creates original, sustainable and 100% Made in Italy accessories.

Re-fid is a duo: Emilia and Rosaria, upcyclers: creative reuse artisans. We turn raw materials and objects that we (re)find into unique and sustainable pieces. The bags, stars of our collections, are made out of intertwined coffee bags’ stripes and completed almost entirely with recovered materials. The inner line is made out of recovered fabric. From the city of Bologna, where everything started, we got the inspiration to create bags that would enclose its soul and its gorgeous colours.

Re-find’s accessorises are unique and exclusive, as hand-made with recycled materials. The intertwined weave it’s completely random. No point of searching for it: there won’t ever be to Re-find completely identical, even if they look alike!

We chose to work mainly with coffee bags because if it weren’t for Re-find, these bags would face a future in a landfill. They are, in fact, not recyclable otherwise, as made of polylaminate packaging. Every week we collect, following a well experienced path, over two hundred coffee bags from many bars from the historical district of Bologna. These bags are then cleaned, cut. Folded in stripes, intertwined and finally sewn. It is like this that they can become handbags, clutches, chatelaines, pochettes, tote bags…

A bit of our story...

We tiptoed in the fashion world almost by chance, but not quite. The idea started after a trip in East Sussex, England. There, inspired by the assonance between “re-find” and “refined” we found the right name and decided to go for this creative adventure.

Since then, a long way we came! Our dream is to keep doing what we do. We want to discover and explore new techniques and materials, cooperate with other enterprises like ours and try to realize even only the half of all the ideas constantly swirling around in our heads.


    • Bologna


We work following your advices and preferences. Every piece is UNIQUE. You won't ever find two identical objects, even if they look alike. We don't have a shop. To have a Re-find item you can contact us filling the form below or you can take a look at some of the shops that sell our collections.


A special thanks goes to Antonio Paolino and Giuseppe Grumo for their wonderful pictures, to Daniele Catalano for his precious help with the website and to Gabriele Lorusso for the graphics.

We chose to dedicate a section to our "friends": those who recycle, giving us the materials we need, those who upcycle or those who spread the word of reuse in all its nuances.


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